Cut This Food Out To Help Prevent Wrinkles

At some point in life, just about everyone notices lines that didn’t used to be on their face appearing. Some lines are inevitable due to the muscle structure under the skin and appear where the flesh overlaps, but other wrinkles just come out of nowhere.

The reason for this is the breakdown of collagen in the skin. How this happens is in a process that can be avoided simply by cutting sugar from the diet.

When you eat lots of sugar and refined carbohydrates such as white rice, bread and pasta, levels of blood sugar in the body become high and remain so. As a result, sugar molecules permanently bond to proteins, including the collagen in the skin – a process known as glycation. This produces a chemical reaction in the skin, that makes its surface more stiff and inflexible, leading to premature ageing making skin tougher and more wrinkled.

Glycation is damage to the skin from the inside due to the consumption of excess sugar. It results in the three signs of ageing that we don’t want – wrinkles, lines and discolouration. It can even lead to your skin becoming saggier as both collagen and elastin are damaged and become misshapen….

Advanced glycation end products or (appropriate acronym of the century) AGEs not only cause protein fibers to become malformed they also contribute to connective tissue damage, chronic inflammation, heart disease and diabetes….

A new study published in the Journal of the American College of Nutrition confirms this conclusion. In following the diets of people from all over the world, the study demonstrates that the more natural the diet loaded with fish, nuts, vegetables, good whole dairy and as little processed food as possible yields the best results in maintaining a youthful appearance.

In particular, processed meat, soft drinks and pastries were associated with more skin wrinkling, while beans, green leafy vegetables, asparagus, nuts, olives, apples and pears were associated with less skin ageing.

The specific diet associated with slowing aging in this study is the Mediterranean Diet which is rich in the sorts of foods mentioned. However, diets rich in natural, traditional fats, natural fiber, and containing eggs and whole milk yogurt also can help stave off the effects of aging.

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