Déjà Vu- Why Does It Happen?


Déjà Vu is a French term meaning “already seen” and it’s reported to occur on an occasional basis in 60-80% of people.

 Scientists from the University of St Andrews believe they have solved the mystery of Déjà Vu feeling.

Researcher Akira O’Connor using magnetic resonance watched the work of the brain of volunteers who during the filming underwent a procedure that causes the same feeling like Déjà Vu. He discovers a  sense that produces parts of the brain responsible for checking existing memories and not the false memories.

 “It is consistent with our theory that this is the experience of consciously registering and rectify certain discrepancies in our memory,” – said O’Connor.

What does it means?

This means that Déjà Vu is not a mistake in our brains, but error prevention or correction of the error in our memories. One theory is that Déjà Vu indicates good memory, while another theory is that it may be a sign that people do not experience Déjà Vu have a better memory, because the system does not need to prevent error.

h/t: healthexpertgroup.com

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