Diabetes Early Signs That Doctors Don’t Even Know Them! Be Careful !


Early warning signs of diabetes, even few doctors know and can recognize.
One of the more common diseases of today’s modern age, unfortunately, is diabetes. Most people think they know everything about the disease, but they are far from the truth.

It is generally known that for this condition has a major role nutrition, lifestyle, genetic predisposition and so on.

Common symptoms almost all of you know, so we will focus on some of the hidden signs that few people recognize and often ignore. The hidden signs are good to know to timely disease can be prevented.

Surprisingly symptoms of diabetes

Hearing loss

Diabetes can affect your hearing. Hearing loss can be caused by pre-diabetes, according to a study conducted by the National Institutes of Health.

Pre-diabetes is characterized by high levels of blood sugar and 30% hearing loss.

The researchers believe that diabetes damages the blood vessels and nerves in the ear. Instead of constantly increasing the tone of your TV, see a doctor and make the necessary investigations.

Constantly feel irritation and itch

It is possible to feel itchy skin and your skin becomes dry. This is because diabetes weakens the blood circulation and there is malnutrition of the skin. If you do not help hydrant creams – see a doctor and check your blood levels.

Eyesight improved or worsened

If you are forced to remove your glasses to read something, it is very likely that you have high blood sugar.

Any change of eyesight must be followed and reported to the doctor, whether improved or worsened.

The skin gets bad view

As we age, it is normal to deteriorate the skin and wrinkles appear. But the dark spots on the skin, especially the knees, ankles and back of the neck as a sign of diabetes.

The condition that causes these changes is called acanthosis nigricans, closely related to the rise in blood sugar. This problem can be solved by weakening and treatment of skin ointments prescribed by your dermatologist.

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