Do Not Let Your Children Watch Peppa Pig – Psychologists Warn Parents

Peppa Pig

Nowadays, Peppa pig is probably the most popular cartoon all over the world. It was initially released in 2004, and it stimulated the creation of various toys, games, books, clothes, and all sorts of merchandise.

However, according to the findings of researchers at the Harvard University, Peppa Pig, and the giggly pigs are one of the leading causes of autism among children.

This animated movie has achieved great success. Is this cartoon character good for children? The answer is NO.

According to experts, there is a proof that shows an increased inadversarial, snide, questioning, confrontating, and disrespectful behavior in children which results from watching cartoons such as Peppa Pig. Peppa is downright rude and her parents allow her get away with murder. There is an episode where Peppa and her brother George refused to tidy their room, but then their parents made it into a game. When they finished, the brats trashed the room again, laughing arrogantly.

If we review the features of Peppa, we can state that she:

Shows inappropriate behavior;
is impolite
is competitive
is disrespectful
Arrogant and proud
is envious
she imposes her ideas regardless of others’ opinions;
is intolerant;
Suffers from the syndrome of superiority.
Numerous parents banned the cartoon from being watched at home as their children started copying her behavior.

There are parents who complained that their children copy the behavior of Peppa and her brother George, and some of them even banned the cartoon from being watched in their homes.

Thus, be very careful, all you parents out there. There is nothing special about Peppa Pig. The same applies to all the other programs. Around 80% of the brain develops during the first few months until 3 years old. In case they spend a lot of time watching the TV, they will copy the forms of behavior that they see on TV.



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