Do You Wake Up Every Night At The Same Time? This Might Be The Reason

Our body is composed from internal systems similar to clocks, which means there is strong correlation between physical and spiritual health, and both shouldn’t be reviewed separately.

If you wake up every night at certain time period, it could be an indication that your energy is obstructed and your natural balance as well. Those obstructions can be physically and spiritually.

In this article you can found out about the correlation between the time you wake up and organs that will help you recognize the leading cause of those symptoms.

What wake up times mean:

9 pm to 11 pm
Most people go to bed between 9pm to 11 pm. During that time endocrine system restores its balance and enzymes begin refilling.

Endocrine system is responsible for regulating the hormones and metabolism and when you have difficulties in falling asleep at this particular time, it means that your organism is struck in fight mode with the events you experienced during the day or you are probably getting ready for the following day.

These blockades occur due to poor nutrition or consuming a heavy meal later in the day.

11 to 1 am
At this time period, your energy is turned into yang. If you wake up at this time regularly, it may be due to any resentment.

For the following day yang energy maintains your body active. But you should stay calm and make sure you surround with love and positive feelings.

If you consume unhealthy fats and your gallbladder has difficulties breaking down the physical causes are likely to appear.

1am To 3am
During this time period your body is performing a process of detoxification and renewal which means your liver is releasing toxins and making fresh, clean blood. That indicate negative formations like anger and frustration if you’re waking up during this time constantly. Do not neglect these spiritual toxins, because your liver is trying to tell you that something is wrong!

3 to 5 am
At this time, your lungs are going through repair since flood your body with oxygen. To stimulate your bodily function you need to warm enough. But if you are experiencing this due to spiritual cause, you must know that feelings like grief and sadness can cause problems with the lungs. If you wake up during this time, try some breathing techniques and you feel relief afterwards.

5 to 7 am
At this time, your large intestine is highly active since it breaks down toxins and eliminates them from your body. Common reasons for waking up at this time are eating late at night or poor nutrition.