Don’t Toss Your Plastic Bottles. Expert DIYer Shares 5 Nifty Ways to Reuse Them at Home

plastic bottles
Plastic bottles are plentiful these days, some might even say too plentiful. But your plastic bottle don’t have to pile up in a landfill. There are lots of ways you can reuse plastic bottles and turn them into something brand new.

Here are 5 ideas to give your used plastic bottles new life.

Watering Can

Poke holes in the cap of a milk jug so you can use it as a watering can.

Hanging Organizers

You can turn a plastic milk carton into a hanging organizers with a few snips of a scissor.


Tape some plastic bottles together and cover it with foam and fabric to create an ottoman.


Cut the top off of a water bottle, then cut it into strips halfway through the bottom. Fold the strips over to make a pretty vase.

Hanging Chandelier

Use bottle bottoms and clear string to construct grand hanging chandelier.


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