Effective Treatment For Anemia And Iron Deficiency—Must Try It

If you are experiencing symptoms like constant fatigued and tiredness, painful feeling within the chest region, cold hands and cold feet, lightheadedness and dizziness, pale skin, you are very likely to suffer from anemia, a condition marked by a deficiency of red blood cells or of hemoglobin in the blood.

It is strongly recommended to make a doctor appointment and schedule a blood test examination to see whether you are anemic or you simply have no such problems.

The most common reason for this condition is iron deficiency or other vitamins’deficiency in your blood.

Here are few items that you should have in your diet that help fight anemia:

  • Consume honey:
    The sweet amazing honey will do remarkable things for your health since it is capable of obtaining higher than actual formation of hemoglobin, according to the health experts. It also contains a significant quantity of copper, manganese, as well as iron, components which are all very essential for increasing the number of healthy red blood cells in the body.
  • Getting a total body massage:
    Since oxygen is not passing in your body and your body needs, it can lead to anemia. In order to improve circulation and blood flow throughout the body you need to have a therapeutic massage performed by a professional. Or you can ask your own boyfriend/girlfriend to give you one. Coconut oil and olive oils are extremely beneficial and help you improve blood flow and circulation [according to many health experts].
  • Have dates in your diet:
    Dates are abundant in Vitamin C and iron, the most crucial components for your body to process the iron absorption and they also show very positive results. Additionally, dates contain a large amount of dietary fiber and anti-oxidants. Furthermore, you can combine the dates with Middle Eastern and Indian foods.
  • Hands and feet massage:
    According to health experts traditional Chinese medicine professionals provide this type of therapeutic massage on both hands and feet. This will significantly improve blood circulation within the spleen and also increase the total flow of energy throughout the human body.
  • Eat apples:
    You have already heard the famous saying “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” numerous times, so in this case, “an apple day keeps anemia at bay“. Apple is considered as extremely helpful for treating anemia.
  • Chives are important:
    Holistic medicine says it’s recommended to consume them on a regular basis die to their richness in vitamins C, D, and iron. In addition, they are excellent when combined goat cheese and also eggs.
    According to many health experts, apples tend to be full of iron. This is why they are literally the best snack food ever for those who deal with an illness like this.
  • Get some beets:
    This type of dark red vegetable that is very famous for having the most amount of iron.
    Compared to other vegetables, their flavor is amazing when they are roasted or whenever combined with salads or when squeezed for the preparation of nice cold juice extract according to many people.
  • Have pomegranate:
    Pomegranate is loaded with magnesium, calcium and vitamin C.
    The seeds of this very famous fruit are able to provide some miraculous results for people who are fighting anemia. Health experts recommend that you should consume pomegranate seeds as well as its extracted juice on a weekly basis.

Anemia is a condition known to cause minor health issues such as constant tiredness, or serious health issues like heart related problems according to health experts.

This is the particular reason why people who fight anemia are obliged to consume a healthy diet [supplemented with vitamins and iron] Try to treat anemia naturally medicines which you can have at home are the ones we pointed out previously. They are in fact the first thing that individuals are supposed to perform and eat in order to have a very good general health.