Evil People Are Everywhere- Here How To Recognize Them

The term evil is interpreted many different ways. For the most part we dignify it as a tragic that we can blatantly see. However, when we’re talking about true evil, it’s much more intelligent and will often seem like it’s not even there.

Mankind is essentially good – no matter what they turn out to be, there is always good inside. But at the same time, no matter how much we want to see the good in people, there will always be someone who will use the good inside them to do something sinister. These people are genuinely evil, and they enjoy every second of it.

These people show a set of traits which resemble a mix of apathy, self-promotion, and intelligence. They are always on the look for domination and conquer, and as much friendly as they seem in the beginning, their true-self eventually comes to the surface. What you should know is that they are weather friends who are more of a threat than a shoulder to cry on.

If you are not sure about the signs that show someone is evil, keep reading so that you will be able to recognize them easier.

They twist the facts
Twisting the facts of a given situation is something they do the best. They use this manipulative trick to twist truth into something bad in order to afflict the people around them.

Denying Reality
What’s real and what’s not isn’t something that an evil or abusive person will agree with you on.
To them, this is not something that’s up for debate. No matter how many facts you have to prove them wrong, you’re always the one in the wrong. Nothing can break their twisted ideals.

If they come across some information that they feel they could use, they’ll always use it to mislead you.
To make you feel afraid, alone, and very vulnerable. That way they’ll be your only comfort, making you dependant on them.
Whether it’s the truth or not, in the end, you will start to believe.
By doing this they can create enemies in your head, making you feel like everything you are doing up to this point is wrong.

Lying Constantly
Lying is the way evil people express themselves. They always add juicy information to whatever they are talking about. Lying to people makes them feel pleasure and if you catch them lying they will lie even more to cover them up.

They lead double lives
Lying and misleading others is a common trait these people use, so it`s no wonder they lead double lives and lie others the same way as they mess with you.

Avoiding Responsibility
These people have no morals. If they know they are about to be blamed about something they did they will redirect it before it reaches them. They never apologize for their mistakes no matter how much they harmed someone.

They are masters of manipulation which have a plan for every situation. If they want to make you feel stupid, they will do it and in the end you will feel incompetent for the things you did even if you do them well.

They are just-weather friends
As mentioned in the very beginning, these people are just-weather friends who are not familiar with the meaning of a real and loyal friendship. They are here when things are going well and when a situation goes wrong, they disappear.

Stealing Your Time

They know when you are on a deadline or very busy and they will do whatever it takes to make you lose track of time. They hate seeing you succeed or become better than them. They will appear at the worst possible time in order to mess up your plans and they will fake remorse when you get in trouble.

Very Controlling
Because of all the lies they tell, they have to stay in control. The moment they sense that someone is trying to earn their trust and be a genuine friend, they will become possessive and controlling. Remember, if your dealing with an abusive person, either stay away from them, or talk to someone you trust.

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