Find Out What Happens To Your Body When You Consume Eggs Everyday

The negative connotations related to eggs that the cholesterol found in the yolk increases your cholesterol in an unhealthy way have been debunked because the new studies found out that their regular consumption has a positive impact on your overall health.

Your body produces 11 essential fatty acids, which are critical to proper body functioning, and there are 9 of them found in eggs.

Being deficient in these 9 essential fatty acids can contribute to various diseases including chronic fatigue, poor skin and hair, loss of muscle mass and weakened immune system.
Here is what happens to your body if you eat eggs everyday:

  • As we already mentioned, eggs are rich in essential fatty acids, which help the mental health by stimulating the release of the serotonin- good mood hormone.
  • Control cholesterol levels – One egg contains 200mg cholesterol. Eggs have the ability to increase the good cholesterol level.
  • Eggs keep your bones and teeth strong due to their richness in phosphorus (10% Recommended daily value), vitamin D (5% of the recommended daily value) and calcium.
  • Enhance cognitive function –  According to Authority Nutrition report, 90% of the population are deficient in choline, the highest-quality protein which is plentiful in eggs. Lacking in this nutrient can lead to increased risk of dementia, Alzheimer’s disease and cognitive impairment.
  • Extremely beneficial for improving eyesight, skin health and liver function. B complex found in eggs is very helpful for healthy hair and skin, proper liver function and improved eyesight.

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