Children born in January come off as more matured than they are for their age. They tend to seem happier as they grow up and as the days pass, they become younger. As kids, they find it rather difficult to go out and have fun. Most children born in January would prefer to stay back at home and finish up homework than go out and play. These kids are ambitious, hard-working, humble, and practical. They are very sensitive and will take the time to recover if and when hurt.


February kids are creative and imaginative by nature. They are unique, very original, and love to stand out in the crowd. They are fast learners, absorb information quickly and don’t like routines. They are quirky and very energetic with a capacity to bring life into a dull room. These children may grasp knowledge faster than their playmates. They value independence a great deal and when restricted or constrained, will turn rebellious. They are people and animal lovers and have a thing for humanity.


Kids born in March are shy, secretive, reserved, and intuitive. They are highly emotional and sometimes they scare themselves too. They live in a fantasy world and are scared of monsters and loud noises. . Compassionate, honest, generous, and sympathetic are traits you can look for in these children.


These kids love taking risks. They are very active and energetic. You need to watch these kids as all it takes is one moment for them to leap off the roof!  They love trying different things and can never stick anyone. You can never have a dull moment with these kids and you are always on your toes too. They have a great memory, are clever and can cheer up people around them.


Kids born in May are scheduled and like to organize everything in their life. They are practical, careful, and consistent. They like materialistic things such as clothes, food, and shoes. They are responsible and you may see them earning money very early in life. They never go back on their word and respect loyalty. They are honest and are good at relationships, both with family and friends. These kids are stubborn and won’t back down from what they believe in or stand for. Hard-working and restless, they can get angry easily.


Witty and humorous, life will be much more entertaining with these children around. They love talking and can never be at a loss for words. They are good at communicating and have a flare for writing. They are best equipped with books and computers. They are great at convincing people and can sell anything to anybody. They hate small talk and hate being at one place for long. Let them focus on one thing at a time as too many things at once will only turn them into a jack of all trades, master of none.


These kids need a lot of nurturing. They are very sensitive to other’s feelings and emotions. They are philanthropic, so don’t be surprised if they bring home stray animals or children. These children are imaginative and will go to any lengths to protect their family and loved ones.  Physical contact is very important to them. You may notice mood swings often and sometimes they may also develop depression.


August kids crave attention and loved to be noticed. They love to be pampered and hate to be criticized. Shower them with praises and they will treat you with love and respect. They turn out to be independent, strong-willed fighters who turn into rebels when restrained. They are vengeful, playful, loud, boisterous. Trust is very important to them.


Kids born in this month are perfectionists. Their behaviors are extreme and they take great care of the elderly, sick, and animals. These kids find their own happiness in helping others. They could be great writers or communicators if not too shy. Highly analytical and critical, they even end up criticizing themselves at times. They love to travel and are brave to explore the world. They enjoy solving other’s problems and inspire people around them. They are also very stubborn and motivated.


Very practical, making decisions is difficult for them.  They are easy-going, charming and polite children to hang out with. These kids appreciate art and beauty in all forms. They are diplomats who are smart and completely fearless. They have opinions on everything and don’t care much about emotions. They are unpredictable and can overcome emotions easily when hurt.


Complex and intense by nature these kids are very persuasive. These kids  love puzzles and mystery books. They are very emotional and can be quite the extremists. They have the power to get what they want if they put their mind to it. they don’t get sick easily and can manage pain well. When angered, they get very revengeful.


Optimistic and enthusiastic, December kids  are happy kids. These kids love learning and often enjoy school. They are attracted to religion and philosophy at a young age and love telling the world of their perspectives. They love to travel the world and may meet people from all around the world.  They are competitive, ambitious, hasty, impatient, sensitive, and temperamental. They are very generous and loyal. They make friends easily owing to their good sense of humor and politeness.