Great Benefits Of Walking 30 Minutes A Day

After a long, cold, and very frustrating winter, just about everyone is eager to get outside and shake off the stiffness that has settled in the joints, and hopefully, the padding that wants to settle on the hips. Spring is upon us and finding new and effective ways to fight the battle of the bulge, and other medical conditions that pop up with inactivity may be as simple as a taking a free 30-minute walk every day.

Medical studies show that walking just 30 minutes a day is effective in fighting extra fat, cardiovascular disease, obesity, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and more including osteoporosis, dementia, type II diabetes, asthma and some cancers.

In addition, walking even on flat surfaces helps tone the muscles in the legs, abdomen, buttocks and more.

It is very simple to start a walking routine.

Get a great pair of walking shoes suitable for the sort of surface where you plan to stride.

Make the walk a part of your routine.

Walk with a friend with similar goals.

If you are one to want to track your progress, use a pedometer or find one of many walking apps available for mobile devices that will count steps and calories for you.

And then just enjoy the fresh air and the sights and sounds of the neighborhood as you stroll.

Some suggestions for getting 30 minutes in a day:

Instead of a sit down meeting with a boss or subordinates, have a walking meeting.

Park at the far end of a parking lot when at work, going shopping and the like, and count the time it takes to cross the parking lot as part of your walking routine.

Walk all the aisles in the grocery store even if you only shop on the perimeter.

Walking is one of the few exercises that absolutely everyone can do. If 30 minutes all at once is too much for an individual, it can be broken into segments until the person is strong enough to make it that long. However, from personal experience, 30 minutes is not all that long.

So, after a long, cold winter it’s time to get up and out of the house. Time to walk (and don’t forget to always carry an ID in case of emergency).

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