Having This Trait Could Be Good for Your Sex Life

Doing volunteer work or giving to a charity makes us feel good inside,  but we don’t always get around to it as much as we’d like. Two new studies published in the British Journal of Psychology, though, make a really good point to do more of it.

For the first study, the researchers asked people how much charity work they did and what their love and sex lives were like. The results: Those who gave more got more. They had more sexual partners and more frequent sex.. Guys who did volunteer work were especially likely to have more sexual partners, and women who did had more attentive partners.

But since this was just based on people’s own accounts of how charitable they are, the researchers conducted a follow-up study where subjects won 100 euros in a game and had to decide how much to donate. They found similar results: Overall, those who were willing to give up more money had more sexual partners over their lifetimes and even just over the past year. Again, the more-partners effect was stronger for men, who also dated more people when they were more generous, while frequency of sex was especially impacted for women.

If this isn’t proof that some form of karma exists, we don’t know what is. When you give more, you really do get more back—at least in the bedroom….

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