He Was Showering With Cold Water For 7 Days: Here’s What Happened

Some people start their day with a shower, and others are finishing their day with a shower, or they are taking shower right before going to bed.

However, the cases of shocking your body with cold shower are rare.

Cold water has long been used as treatment for sore muscles by sports therapists and athletes. Other physical benefits of frigid H2O are said to include increased weight loss and improved skin, but there is also evidence that cold showers can help with your mental health, too.

One study published in the journal Medical Hypotheses suggests that cold showers could be used as a treatment for depression.

Those who support “cold therapy” claim that cold showers are free way to strengthen your immune system, energy and productivity.

Nick Green decided to do exactly that, who in fact loves to take hot showers. He also claims, that thinks best and makes the right decisions.

Considering the fact that almost every new research claims that cold showers are helping in losing weight, makes the skin younger and tight, helps the mental health and it is recommended for persons that are active in sport, Green decided to check how it will react on his own skin.

He’s used to enjoy the hot water, so the first 15 seconds of the shower looked like eternity to him.

However, he decided that his showers in the next 7 days will last 2 minutes. He was breathing faster, and then slightly started to relax.

After the showers, he was full with energy and more productive than ever. He immediately sat on the table and made a list of tasks that he has to do 1 day before, and repeated the same feeling every day.

He claims that the week was so successful so he decided to continue showering with cold water.

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