Here Is Why You Should Include Young Potatoes In Your Everyday Diet

Potatoes are a rich source of various vitamins and minerals. Potatoes with peel (it applies to young potatoes) have an extremely high content of vitamin B6, and potassium — and this is twice more than bananas.

They contain a lot of fiber and solid amounts of protein. Potatoes are, believe it or not, rich in vitamin C — a large boiled potato contains about 37% of the recommended daily amount of vitamin C, while a large baked potato contains even more — almost half of the daily required amount of vitamin C!

In addition, potatoes contain solid amounts of iron, manganese and magnesium.

As a food, they have a relaxing effect. Large amounts of vitamin B and magnesium, which the potatoes contain, have a calming effect on the body and relieve the effects of stress.

They have been banished under low-carb diets and maligned nearly as much as bread.
But potatoes aren’t necessarily bad for the waistline – and could actually help us lose weight, a study claims.

Dieters who included potatoes in their meal plans all lost weight – as long as they reduced their overall calorie intake, researchers found.

The scientists concluded there is no evidence that potatoes lead to weight gain if they are prepared in a healthy manner.
The researchers wanted to understand the role of lowering calories and the glycemic index (GI) affected weight loss, when potatoes are included in the diet.

The glycemic index is a scale of zero to 100 representing how quickly glucose is released into the bloodstream after eating carbohydrates.

The starch that potatoes contain is polysaccharide (complex sugar) which can actually help you lose weight — on the condition that you do not consume potatoes that are drank in fat during frying.

It is recommended to consume baked rather than fried potatoes. We all know that French fries taste better, but it will be significantly nutritionally more valuable if you bake them in the oven.

However, be cautious: potatoes have a high glycemic index (85). Therefore, if you have problems with blood sugar, you need to watch the amount you consume.

If you consume the potatoes with good quality oil (for example cold pressed olive or coconut oil), it would decrease the glycemic index.

This happens because simultaneously the digestion of fat and polysaharides will slow down the pace of the absorption of glucose in the blood. This is recommended even if you do not have problems with sugar.

Health benefits:

  • Potatoes may help lower blood pressure
  • Potatoes are also a good source of potassium.
  • The B6 vitamins in potatoes are critical to maintaining neurological health.
  • Potatoes’ high level of carbohydrates may have some advantages, including helping maintain good levels of glucose in the blood, which is necessary to proper brain functioning.
  • Vitamin C can help prevent everything from scurvy to the common cold, and potatoes are full of this nutrient


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