Here’s Why You Should Never Put Eggs in The Fridge

Even though we always keep our eggs in the refrigerator to make them last longer, the truth is, the cold makes them degrade faster. Here’s why:

Bacteria in the Shell

When an egg is inside the refrigerator, the bacteria inside the shell thrives in this specific cold environment. Research claims that this bacteria is salmonella. Additionally, it may contaminate the other nearby foods, so it is important to keep the eggs away.

But, according to other research, salmonella will not multiply if the eggs are in the fridge. Actually, only a few eggs in the UK for example, contain salmonella, and 85% of eggs don’t. But, many experts are still arguing over what is better, to keep the eggs in or out of the fridge.

Moreover, the egg can absorb the smell from different foods that are in the same place. These smells become more powerful as the egg absorbs them. Plus, if you purchase the eggs directly from farmers, you don’t need to keep them in a cold place. These eggs are organic.

However, if you got them from the store, people still recommend that you keep them in the fridge. Because there is a possibility that they might develop bacteria.

Keep Eggs in Carton

Usually, when we buy eggs, we tend to remove their carton and throw it away. However, it is important to keep the carton and store them there, according to experts. The reason behind this is because the yolk will stay in the center and not move.

Plus, you’ll want to know when the eggs expire. The expiration date is pre-printed on the carton.

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