Here’s Why You Should Wash Your Hands Longer Than 15 Seconds

“Did you wash your hands?”
How many times did you hear that today?
Probably a lot. But why are adults so hung up on hand washing? Why are they so in love with lather?

Washing your hands is the best way to stop germs from spreading. Think about all of the things that you touched today — from the telephone to the toilet. Maybe you blew your nose in a tissue and then went outside to dig around the dirt.

Whatever you did today, you came into contact with germs. It’s easy for a germ on your hand to end up in your mouth. Think about how many foods you eat with your hands.

You can’t wear rubber gloves all day long, but you can wash your hands so those germs don’t get a chance to make you or someone else sick.

Namely, the researchers from the Michigan University have been watching how people wash their hands in the toilets. 5% of almost 4.000 people that were included in this experiment washed their hands on the right way.

That means that they soaped enough, then rubbed their hands and joints in order to remove all the bacteria. Even 10% of the people included in the experiment didn’t wash their hands after using the toilet, of which more were men, while 30% of the people just “slipped” their hands in the water. Most of the people washed their hands with soap and water, but less than 15 seconds.

However, it should be considered that for removing bacteria from the hands are not necessary antibacterial soaps.

The substance triclosan, which is the main ingredient of the antibacterial soaps disrupts the digestive flora.
This is extremely significant for those who already have bad health, so the imbalance of the naturally accommodated microorganisms in the gastrointestinal tract making worse the primary condition of the disease, especially to the diabetics, cardiovascular patients and those who suffer of arthritis.


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