Home Tricks for Hair Loss

Hair Loss
Hair fall problem? Looking for a treatment that works without the side-effects of chemicals or medications? You should try these home remedies. According to hair experts, losing 50-100 strands of hair every day is fairly normal. It is only a cause of concern when you lose more than that. But you can stop hair fall in its tracks with these simple home remedies. Here’s how you can make them. Also read about the causes of hair loss. 
Natural juices:

You can apply garlic or ginger juice on your hair. Allow the juice to stand overnight, and wash it well in the morning.

Don’t brush your hair when wet

It’s best to not brush wet hair because it leads to a greater risk of cleaning and tearing of the hairs. Your hair should be dry or semi-dry before you start brushing it.

Hair Massage:

Massage your hair roots few minutes a day. This will stimulate circulation, and good circulation of the hair roots maintains hair follicles active.


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