How About Having Your Own Organic Cinnamon Tree in Your House?

Planting a tree is not only a good hobby for you but also your own valuable contribution to environment. You can get to plant a cinnamon tree in your backyard today. This spice is a common feature for most homes and it has a rich flavor and aroma.

As a culinary spice it is very popular and one that is in high demand, however the cinnamon tree can be found in warm and moist climates.

This tree can attain heights of over 15 meters but it can be grown in your backyard and can give your home a pleasant aroma always as the entire tree is aromatic.

The Importance Of Growing Cinnamon In Your Home

  • It can regulate irregular menstrual flow
  • It can lower cholesterol levels and high blood pressure
  • It has antiseptic and antibacterial properties which are very beneficial in treating plaque
  • It is a great aphrodisiac
  • It can treat rheumatism
  • It is very beneficial for respiratory problems including asthma, bronchitis, and coughs
  • It can prevent cardiovascular diseases
  • It is very useful for treating rheumatism
  • It can be used for treating diabetes type II.

What do we need to know to grow our own cinnamon tree?

Cinnamon can be reproduced either by means of seeds or by cuttings.

1. Take a small planter or container for seedlings, place soil and plant seeds or segments. Remember that they must be healthy and mature tree seeds.

2. Locate the container in a dry place in the shade but where there is light.

3. Approximately four months, the seedlings should be transferred to the ground in the open air or to a much larger final container for when the tree takes on larger dimensions.

4. We should not expose the cinnamon tree to direct light but should not be in a dark place.

5. Keep the desired dimensions of the tree pruning every so that the branches do not extend too much.

6. The pots should remain in a warm place and should not be watered excessively as the root may rot.

7. At the age of two or three, you will be able to harvest the cinnamon, which will then alternate.

8. When the branches reach 3 cm in diameter and take a violet color is when you must cut to 5 cm of the trunk so that this gives rise to new shoots. The cuts should be done every two years.

9. The cinnamon that is obtained of better quality is collected from the middle part of the tree while the quality descends when it is collected from the base.

10. If you have difficulty peeling the crust you can soak it with water to make it easier to peel it off.

11. Keep in mind that the inside of the crust is not edible.

12. Once you harvest your first batch of cinnamon, store it in a cool, dry place inside airtight containers as leaving it outdoors will lose its aroma and taste.

You can already enjoy your own organic cinnamon harvested by your own hands, something that will give you even a touch of extra flavor and in case you keep it inside your home you will have a permanent source of unmatched aroma.


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