How Bathing Feet in Tea can Cure Smelly Feet

Smelly feet are common in both children and adults who wear closed shoes daily.

A year-round condition, foot odor might be caused by bacteria or fungus in your shoes. In some cases, the bacteria feed on the top layer of your skin, which produces the smelly odor.

But you’re not doomed to this embarrassing problem!

Proper foot hygiene, such as changing shoes and socks daily, can help. Also, natural treatments, such as a soothing tea bath rich in skin-drying tannins, can help control foot odor.

Bathing feet in tea can stop the sweaty and smelly feet. Many people have tried it and it has worked. It is one of the most common home treatments. Have you ever wondered whether it is an effective remedy?

The process of action when having tea foot baths is effected by tannins. They dry, compress, and shrink the tissue of the feet. The tannins are also known as astringents. They are a group of elements cause shrinkage and contraction of body tissues and consequently dries up the secretions.

The action of tannins

When you are drinking tea you can feel the effect of tannins as it causes characteristic dry mouth feel. This feeling is also identified when taking wine since it is rich in tannins. When you submerge your feet in tea it reduces sweating since it causes shrinkage of the openings of sweat glands.

Depending on how smelly your feet are, you will have to take tea foot baths for a while, each bath at least an hour in order to be succesful.

Is tea bathing the most effective remedy for sweaty feet?

When your feet are extremely sweaty and smelly, you may need to use another strong astringent that is potent. Because it takes time to make some litres of tea and the also bathe the feet in it for like half an hour or more.

Studies further show that the higher the concentration of the tea in the solution the higher the effectiveness and gives better results.

Aluminium chloride is an alternative astringent that is more powerful cure of smelly and sweaty feet. Studies also show that aluminium chloride cures completely the athlete’s foot infection.


If you are suffering from mildly smelly feet or athlete’s feet infection, a regular feet soaking in a tea bath may be potent cure, and a natural method to mend the situation. However, if it does not work effectively talk to your doctor and might prescribe aluminium chloride with other medications.


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