How Many Hours You Need to Sleep According to Your Age?


We need to live every day in full speed and achieve more in our lives, but
we can’t do that without getting some sleep. When I was “young and wild” I always thought of sleeping like it is lost time.
Now, it’s not like that. Sleeping is crucial for every vital function of your body and mind.
The amount and quality of sleep we get determine how well we will do through the day and how productive we’ll be. Quality sleep is crucial for every person. Especially for those who are dealing with chronic diseases and pain management issues.

When it comes to sleeping, there is always this one question.

How many hours I need to sleep if I am .. old?

The amount of sleep an individual need is personal. Someone sleeps 4 hours a night and still manages to complete tasks through the day successfully.

Not so long ago, I’ve read an article saying that successful people need only 6 hours of sleep to function 110%.

I sleep 7 hours during weekdays and 7 hours and 30 minutes on weekends. I found this working for me and I hold on to that habit.

How much do you sleep?

The infographic you will see below has been revealed by the National Institute of Sleep and it reflects on a 24-hour period.
Keep in mind that this is the total sleep you get during a 24-hour period. So, if you took a 30-minute nap, that counts, too!


Did this show that you are а sleep deficient?

I have a few symptoms that are most common in sleep deficient people.

Not productive during the day
Overweight or gaining weight
Caffeine is needed to live through the day
Sleepy when driving
How to prepare yourself for a good night sleep?



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