How Negative Energy Affects Your Life And How To Clear It

Do you feel drained and in a bad mood all the time?

No matter how much you try, you just can’t make anything right, can you?

Well, people were aware of the power of negative energy for millennia, but people often attribute its effects to other causes or pass it off as science fiction.

Yet, it is a fact that negative energy can have a huge impact and can range from simple bad vibes to malicious entities. Negative energy can cause various problems and even completely ruin one’s life.

It can hold you back from all the happiness and even lead to diseases.

Yet, you can prevent these issues by eliminating all the bad energy from your home, or workplace, in the following 7 ways:

1. Add living plants.

Plants are excellent as a decoration, but they also add life, color, oxygen and positive energy into your home. Make sure you water them as you should and treat them properly!

2. Meditate there.

You’ll be able to acquire a powerful positive vibration with the help of a proper meditation once or twice a day. A broadcast sent by a meditative state of mind is much more powerful than it would otherwise be, because it makes the positive energy more powerful than the negative energy. Having a proper meditation will help you saturate a space with uplifting energy for several hours at least.

3. Rearrange the furniture.

Feng shui is something all Chinese practice in order to get rid of negative energy. As we already said, negative energy needs something to “cling to.” Make sure you arrange your space with as much wide open space as possible. All the negative energy should disperse. This harmful energy will dissipate with the act of rearranging.

4. Remove clutter.

Believe it or not, old magazines and dirty clothes can trap a lot of negative energy in your house, so make sure you remove the old items you no longer need. Keep your coffee tables picked up and clean. Make sure you keep your laundry in a laundry hamper. Always wash your dirty dishes and put them away. All negative energy needs objects to hang on to. It remains around with their help. Keep your living space picked up, neat and clean!

5. Salt carpets.

The easiest way to get rid of all the negative energy is this one. Just sprinkle some dry table salt on the carpet. Then, wait for an hour and after the time passes, vacuum up the salt. For a medium sized room, use from 3 to 6 spoonfuls of salt. Salt crystals possess a natural built in-ability which helps us erase the programming of energy. Using salt serves like using an eraser on a chalk board which means that the information on the board is wiped away.

6. Loud noises.

Chinese love fireworks because of this reason. Loud noises have the ability to break up energy patterns and allow them to disperse. We can notice the same thing by Mother Nature with the noise of thunder storms.

7. Play spiritual music.

Music is very powerful. It cultivates the community, but it also allows us to reach states of ecstasy. Music resonates within the human spirit. The song of our soul is at the very heart of humanity. The music is significant spiritually, which means it can transcend communities, cultures, and creeds.


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