How the Energy Drinks Affect Your Body?! Read Carefully

The healthy experts have published a warning for the effects of the energy drinks that are full with sugar, caffeine and different incentives. The experts claim that consumption of only one energy drink a day increases the risk of heart diseases.

The experts of an American research group  have published a research in which participated 25 volunteers. They had a task to drink a large can of energy drink, which is available in every market. The results have shown that consumption of such a drink increases the blood pressure in the first half an hour. There were also noticed increased values of the norepinephrine hormone in the blood, and increased level of caffeine in the organism.
All of this, was recently presented on a meeting organized by the American association for heart health. The norepinephrine is a chemical substance that increases the blood pressure and the capability for heart contraction, modulates the heart rhythm and breathing in a shape of stress. These acute changes could cause heart problems, but also predisposition for increased cardiovascular risk.

They may make you feel like you can stay out all night but mixing alcohol mixed with energy drinks can be a dangerous combination. Energy drinks can mask the effects of alcohol, and make you ‘wide awake drunk’, so you may underestimate how you’re feeling and end up drinking more alcohol than you normally would.
Mixing alcohol and energy drinks can mean you consume more sugar, calories and caffeine than drinking alcohol by itself. You could also experience increased physical and psychological side effects from drinking this combination.


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