How to Easily Peel Garlic in Less Than 10 Seconds (Video)


If you are someone who cooks with garlic, then you no doubt know that onions are not the only thing that will make you cry.

Onions only attack your tear ducts though, garlic on the other hand will find its way into your skin sneaking into your pores and even your blood stream…

The medicinal value of garlic is of course well known, so it is not as if you need be concerned about this, but trying to peel the skin off of those tiny little garlic chunks can be frustrating, and frustration causes stress… The detrimental effects of stress to our health is as well known as the medicinal value of garlic… 🙂

What’s worse than having your fingers absorb the smell of garlic, that only time will diminish… Even the vampires will stay away from you. LOL

Fear not, someone will always find a solution to such things—not to mention a lazy way to get a job done. 🙂

The video below will demonstrate a really cool trick you can easily adopt in the kitchen to peel those stinky little garlic gloves in a hurry… Give it a try!

All you need are two bowls of equal size, and a dry head of garlic. Then… smash away! Love it!

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