By Sean Thomas Saunders

One of the most dreaded yet all too common everyday health problems known to man has got to be the headache. We’ve all experienced at least one headache, probably a few more than that. The most common solution which many people resort to is to have a dose of pain killer tablet. But some unfortunate folks suffer from chronic, or recurring headache pain.

Because OTC meds are not appropriate for long term use, many of them are looking for natural techniques for how to get rid of headaches. Here is a list detailing seven such remedies. It should help to alleviate your symptoms:
1. White Willow Bark – The extract obtained from White Willow Bark contains a substance which carries similar properties as that of salicylic acid, the main ingredient of aspirin tablet. The anti-inflammatory and astringent properties of this extract makes it one of the best how to get rid of headaches solutions and it should be used in the form a nutritional supplement. Moreover, it is free from side effects .
2. Ginseng – Best known for its adaptogenic properties, ginseng is widely used as a natural health supplement as it helps to alleviate the detrimental effects of stress and anxiety. Ginseng can also be considered as an effective method of how to get rid of headaches because many a times the headache problem is caused by stress. Ginseng is a safe, effective pain remedy that treats some of the root causes of headache pain, and is appropriate for extended use.
3. Feverfew – Feverfew helps to alleviate pain and fever and hence it is also used in the treatment of chronic headaches. Research studies have reported pain reduction in 70% of migraine sufferers who took feverfew to treat their headache pain. In addition there are anecdotal reports that, when used along with white willow bark, feverfew is much more effective.
4. Burdock Root – If in case you suspect your chronic headache problem to be caused by food hypersensitivities and improper food metabolism, then you can consider taking burdock root as a effective natural treatment. Burdock helps to flush out toxins from your blood. However, if you are using any other prescription drug that has diuretic properties, then you should avoid taking burdock. Consult your physician before using burdock. You need to follow the dosage recommendations carefully as sometimes it causes a significant drop in the blood sugar levels.
5. Black Cohosh – This herb has been used a folk medicine since ancient times. The active ingredient in black cohosh mimics the action of estrogen, a female reproductive hormone. This makes the herbal an effective treatment for headaches associated with depression. It is better suited as a remedy for ladies, but men could also take this curative for short periods of time.
6. Peppermint Oil – Pungent peppermint oil can also be used as one of the effective natural solutions for how to get rid of headaches. Whether as an extract, essential oil or dry leaf tea, peppermint is a pleasant nutritional supplement because it smells so nice, and it soothes the tummy. It works as a headache remedy because it affects improved blood circulation. Peppermint oil is commonly used in aroma therapy treatments, and as a cooling agent when applied in a compress.
7. Lavender Oil – Another great smelling remedy, lavender oil is also an effective remedy for tension headaches and anxiety related issues. This herb is available as dried flower petalsComputer Technology Articles, an extract or essential oil. It should never be taken internally. Its calming and pain relieving effects are experienced when taken into the system as a pleasant aroma..

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