How To Find Out Your Skin Type, Using Paper

It’s essential to know your skin type if you want healthy and flawless skin. Knowing your skin type allows you to select the right products and customize a skin care regimen that will work best for you.

There are simple ways to determine your skin type.


Because, a bottle of skin cleanser, no matter what kind it is, will not yield the same exact result to all the people who use it and this is because of skin types.

Skin type is basically defined as the classification of your skin based on its defining characteristics.


1. Clean your face with gel, wash and dry your face gently with a towel. Wait one hour.

2. Pay attention to the parts of the skin where you feel the most tension.

3. Take a few pieces of paper and press on different areas of the face – nose, chin, center of cheeks, the center of the forehead and the outer edges of the forehead.

4. Fully review each piece of paper, searching for traces of grease or peels of the skin.

The Results:

  • If the greases traces are visible on each piece of paper, it means that you have oily skin.
  • If greasy traces are visible on some pieces of paper (T-zone – the center of the forehead, nose, chin and cheeks), then you have combined or mixed type of skin.
  • If the pieces of paper has no oily traces, but has a trace of peeling, you have dry skin. If pieces of paper are completely clean, and you have a sense of tightening the skin – your skin is dry.
  • If the pieces of paper no proof, no superior tightening and skin looks normal – you have normal skin type.


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