How to Grow Delicious Organic Strawberries Year-Round Indoors

How to Grow Organic Strawberries Year-Round Indoors

Strawberries are an extremely popular fruit for home gardening because they produce fruits very quickly, and require a relatively small amount of space. Strawberries grow as well in containers as they do when planted in the ground.

How to plant strawberries in strawberry pots

Here’s what you will need

  1. A strawberry pot
  2. Potting Mix
  3. Strawberry plant


  1. Buy organic strawberry plant from your local nursery.
  2. The plant should be placed in water for about an hour before planting it in the pot.
  3. Choose a potting container with drainage holes for your strawberry plants.
  4. Fill with soil and insert your strawberry plant, filling around it with soil.
  5. Stop adding soil when you get to two inches below the rim of the pot.
  6. When you’re planting a strawberry plant, you want to make sure the roots are pointing straight down into the soil and that the soil level is at the collar of the plant (where the green starts).
  7. Now water the plant.
  8. Place your pot in a spot that gets at least six hours of sun per day.

When watering a strawberry plant, remember not to overwater. Check daily in order to monitor its progress. Stick your finger in the dirt to make sure it gets an inch to two inches of water.

Container Strawberry Growing Tips:

  • In the spring, strawberries are typically the first fruit to ripen.
  • Place your strawberry containers in a sunny area and turn them 180 degrees twice a week to keep the plants exposed evenly to sunlight.Keep the soil moist, not wet.
  • If possible, water in the morning or during the day, not in the evening, to prevent disease.
  • When To Pick Strawberries

    You’ll want to harvest strawberries as soon as they ripen.

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