How to Grow Ginger at Home


We already know about ginger’s amazing healing properties.  Very few medicinal plants have such a therapeutic tradition as this spicy, lemon-flavored root.  Would you like to grow your own ginger at home?  It’s very easy, we’ll explain it to you!

Why is growing your own ginger interesting?

  • Because it’s easy

-You might think that ginger is an exotic plant that only grows in the East, but the truth is, this isn’t just a plant, but a rhizome, which can be cultivated indoors and inside.  It is a simple tuber, easy to grow, and you could use in in salads, sauces, garnishes, and in delicious infusions.

  • For its therapeutic properties

-Ginger is a great anti-inflammatory, perfect, for example, for pre-menstrual syndrome.  It alleviates water retention and is a good relaxant, and also relieves pain.

-Ginger also helps to better absorb nutrients from the foods you eat.

-It is a great digestive.

-Eating a little bit of ginger with hone will help reduce nausea, intestinal gas, and to eliminate stomach cramps.  It is a wonder.

-Preparing ginger tea will alleviate your sore throat, cold and even flu symptoms.  It is very effective.

-Taking a bath with ginger essential oil helps to also reduce joint pain.

How to grow ginger at home

  • You are going to be surprised by how easy it is. All you need to do is go to the store and choose a piece of ginger that looks thicker, with firm skin. Try to pick one that doesn’t have many wrinkles or withered areas. Definitely pick one that seems fatter than teh others. Also look to see if the skin is bright and a light beige color.
  • Now you need to get the dirt ready in the pot. The pot should be wide. You should know that ginger likes to grow under less-intense light, almost between sun and shade. The soil should be moist.
  • The soil should be loose and contain one part sand per three parts soil. Place rocks in the potting soil so for proper drainage. Mix everything well and fill the container to three quarters of its capacity.
  • Now make a hole in the soil and place half a piece of ginger inside the dirt. Find the sprouts in the ginger, because that is the part that should be buried in the soil.
  • One ready, place the pot between sun and shade, or with indirect light. Remember that what ginger most likes is heat, which means planting it in the spring or summer is perfect.
  • Make sure that you have good drainage underneath. It’s important that you water it enough, a little bit each day, being careful not to let the water pool.
  • Ginger roots take roughly 10 months to grow before they are edible. It’s important that when you see the stalks growing, and the strong leaves, that you wait two weeks longer. After that time you can then look underneath the surface to see the rhizomes. They will probably be small, but they are ready for consumption.
  • You can plant as much ginger as you like. With soft light, heat, and a little bit of water everyday, you will have a delicious and spicy root in less than a year. You are going to love it.



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