How To Make Fantastic Pure Fruit Ice Cubes

One of our favorite sounds of summer has got to be ice cubes tinkling in a glass. Why not infuse that ice with your favorite summer flavors? Ice cubes are the perfect vehicle for fruits and vegetables, herbs…

Super easy and will add a touch of pure, refreshing class to your drinks!

You will need:

• Blender (although you could mash the fruit quite successfully in a bowl if you want to do it ‘low-tech’ style!)
• Ice cube trays
• Your favorite fruit

Put the desired fruit in the blender and either puree or blend for a shorter time in order to leave some chunks (notice how great this looks with berries, kiwi and other fruit). Pour the blended fruit into your ice cube trays, freeze and you’re done!

Here are some fruit types you could use:

• Kiwi fruit
• Berries (blueberry, strawberry, blackberry etc)
• Orange
• Mangosteen
• Pineapple
• Apple
• Lime
• Cherries
• Watermelon
• Mango
• Guava

As to the drinks themselves – you could add these ice cubes to lemonades, cocktails or even to your “detox water” that you drink throughout the day….


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