How Your Zodiac Sign Argues

Aries: During an argument, an Aries will demand for an immediate explanation and the fastest solution. While at the heat of the moment, they may place all the blame onto the other person but once they have calmed down, they will admit their mistake if they know it was their fault.

Taurus: When a problem occurs, a Taurus will prefer for it to let the heat pass on its own and talk about it after a few days have passed. They won’t easily get angered but if one bothers them too much, a Taurus will react just as aggressively and take them much longer to cool down.

Gemini: At most, a Gemini will try to avoid situations by leaving the area or do something to busy themselves from thinking about the situation. But if they are heated too much or was bothered excessively, then it’s best to be prepared because a Gemini will know how to put one in their place and twist the argument around.

Cancer: Full of compassion and empathy, a Cancer will typically know if something is wrong and will try to approach the situation gently and calmly. But if it becomes a really heated argument, they have no problem inducing a strong sense of guilt onto the other person. They will give a barage of other situations that the other person has done wrong. They are sympathetic and understanding  until they get bullied too much and will then released a tirade of past wrongs on them.

Leo: Leos do not like to engage in arguments, so one must approach the situation calmly and gently. If a Leo feels too insulted and criticized, they will begin to act distant and detached and possibly never interact with other person again. They love drama but they also value themselves to much to get caught up in something they care about. If they care about someone, you can be that they will try to be mature about it, or, unless they were really hurt, they will be very loud and beligerent.

Virgo: Virgos react very sensitively to criticisms so one must first reassure them that they are appreciated and it is for their own good. If one doesn’t reassure them, Virgo’s will take it harshly and argue back with their own criticisms.

Libra: Known for their sense of justice and balance, Libras do not like conflicts but will try to express empathy and reach a compromise that both should be expected. If the other fails to be fair, Libras will express intense words and insults until they receive a sincere and kind indication of repentance.

Scorpio: Scorpios have no problems with conflicts and arguments because they are confident in themselves and always know what to say and how they feel. Sometimes, they will even encourage the argument first and manipulate the direction to make others feel guilty and at fault.

Sagittarius: During an argument, it is easy to tell when a Sagittarius is angry as they can blow up and be cruel. However, because the past is not important to them, they easily forgive and will try to fix the situation by lightening up the mood or acting like nothing happened.

Capricorn: Capricorns rarely like to participate in arguments, but if they become   bothered too much, they can react passively aggressive or physically aggressive by breaking things or being physically loud. They aren’t ones to react verbally, but when they do, they can use cruel and hurtful words. They are brimming with a lot of stress they prefer hiding, so once you’ve angered a Capricorn, you can be sure it is with everything they got that will be released to the person angering them.

Aquarius: Aquarius people are the most cool headed during a conflict and will bear any insult or criticism until the other is satisfied. Once they feel like they’ve had enough, an Aquarius will attack with words one would least expect resulting in a shocking and surprising argument.

Pisces: Pisces are very sensitive and do not like arguments because it can negatively impact them. Even if they were the ones to start the argument, their reactions typically include disappointment and as well as dissatisfaction, but they easily forgive as long as you supply them with a kind and small gesture.

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