I Am Not an ‘Almost Relationship’ Kind of Girl

I am not an ‘almost relationship’ kind of girl. Not the ‘I’m going to be super sweet toward you one night and then act like I don’t care the next.’ Not the ‘everything is going great but suddenly I’m going to pull back because I’m scared and complicated and this is too much.’ Not the ‘I don’t want to put in the effort that it will take to be with you, but I still like you and want to hook up with you so I’ll just half-ass it and do the bare minimum.’ No.
I am the kind of girl who you connect with – the kind of girl you need to fight for, make an effort for; I am not the kind of girl you can make a half-ass commitment to. I don’t do things “almost.” Because “almost” will never satisfy me.
I won’t accept a “good morning” text as effort. I won’t accept that romance is dead or that people don’t fully commit anymore. Maybe it’s dead for those who accept “almost” – who don’t know how love or commitment looks like, sounds like, feels like.
But I give too much to receive an “almost.” I offer too much to waste my time with a guy who gives me almost what I need – a guy who who is not yet ready for love, a guy who is afraid to say too much, to feel too deeply, to let people know what they mean to him.
When you’re with me—you commit to me—you don’t have one eye wandering at the options. Because you understand my value. Because you’re not impressed with easy – you understand that easy will never satisfy you. It will be sweet but uninspiring. It will always leave you wanting more.
Give me your time, all your love, take me on a crazy adventure. Take me dancing cheek to cheek, spoil me, make me feel special every day. Show me consistency. I don’t need you to tell me you love me and then pull a 180.
It’s not enough to know that deep down, you care. You can’t just say the words – you need to actually show me, with actions, consistency, commitment. Being hot and cold doesn’t mean you’re enigmatic – it means you almost want it, but you’re not ready for it. And that’s not enough for me.
No, I’m not an ‘almost’ relationship type of girl. I am not the girl who accepts bullshit excuses – the excuse that you’re in a very difficult time in your life and you can’t give me what I deserve. And I won’t make excuses for you – that you’re “complicated” or “just being honest” or scared because you like me too much.
If I don’t mean enough to you to make the effort to be with me fully – you’re not getting any of me. Don’t even try to message me from time to time and say something incredibly romantic.
Because I am the girl who will change your life, who will make you better. I am the girl who will never stop fighting for you, I will love all your wrongness, all those parts of you that you hate. Dating me will not the end of your liberty – it will be the beginning of it.
I am the girl who will frustrate the hell out of you because I will challenge you, I will never let you get away with slacking on your talents. I will never just go along with some resemblance of a mediocre, passionless life. I’m not an ‘almost relationship’ type of girl.
I am never going to settle for someone who doesn’t put me first. Someone who’s too lost or scared or desensitized to understand that I am the type of girl who makes you feel alive, understood, who will make us live the fuck out of our lives; and who’s too passionate to settle for an “almost” anything.
No, I’m not an ‘almost relationship’ type of girl. Not even close.

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