I Had Bad Breath And Even My Partner Was Annoyed! With This Remedy I Eliminated It In 5 Minutes

Hygiene is important for maintaining health and prevention of diseases. It is fact that those people who don’t take proper care about their hygiene become quite uncomfortable and unpleasant for others.

Oral hygiene is important part of the complete hygiene of the body and unfortunately, today, there are many people who have issues with bad breath.

Bad breath can impact and even ruin your self-esteem and make you feel ashamed.

That is why here in this article we will show you the recipe for this amazing remedy that will help you get rid of the bad breath.

Fungus, meals, drinks and bacteria can be the cause of bad breathe. Take this natural herbal remedy every day and you will get rid of the bad breath once and for all.

For the treatment with this natural remedy you will need only 5 minutes of your day and you will get rid of bad breath permanently.

Remedy Against Bad


2 lemons (juice from it)

1 cup of warm water

½ tablespoon cinnamon powder

1 spoonful honey

1 spoonful baking soda

Method of preparation and use:

Take clean container and add the juice of the lemons, honey and cinnamon. After that, add the warm water and the baking soda and stir. Pour the resulted mixture in a bottle and shake it well.

Utilize the resulted liquid as mouthwash. All you should do is to rinse your mouth with 1–2 tablespoons and then gargle.

Honey and cinnamon are remarkable natural ingredients that possess powerful antibacterial properties. Bicarbonate will whiten your teeth, while lemon will provide you fresh and clean breath.

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