I Ignored All the Signs, Hopefully it Was Not Too Late… Alarming Confession about Cancer!

Did you know that 8.2 million people, of whom 4.7 million are men and 3.5 million women die each year from cancer?

Sadly, at least 4 million die prematurely. 

The scientific research from the Cancer Research UK found that most cancer patients ignore the first symptoms of the disease, considering them as unimportant.

Cough, inflammation that can not appease, unexplained weight loss are some of the signs that warn you to seek help from a doctor and do a proper medical examination.

The shocking confession of Heather:

My name is Heather Geraghty, few years ago I was diagnosed with stage 1 lung cancer.

I was only 24 years old. It’s hard to say when it first started to develop, because my doctor Joel Cooper of the University of Pennsylvania told me I probably have it for five years.

I began to doubt when I got extreme chest pain and when I went to the nearest hospital in New Jersey.There they made a x-ray and CT scan, and after several hours I underwent a bronchoscopy. Analyses have shown something of the middle lobe of my left lung which they called a “polyp.

I first heard the real diagnosis, “cancer” when the doctor came to my bed and told me that the polyp isactually cancer, and then left without explanation. My mom hugged me strong

Sudden weight loss

If you lose weight and you’re not on a diet, do not ignore this sign. Most people with cancer have a sudden weight loss. It does not have to be lung cancer, it might be some other type of cancer.

Unexplained change in weight of four kilograms or more a warning and usually occurs in pancreatic cancer, stomach, esophagus or lungs. But also, as highlighted by the British experts, occasional, small weight changes are normal.

Persistent cough

Mostly, lung cancers initially have no significant symptoms that would have suggested any signs of the disease. Sadly, they in most cases, occur when the disease is very advanced.

However, there are some symptoms that occur in the early stages in some types of lung cancer.

Cough that persists or changes in chronic cough can be an early indicator of disease.

In addition, chest pain that is associated with cough, hoarseness and especially coughing blood and thick mucus, are signs that should never be ignored.

Read the full story: http://upstagelungcancer.org/stories/heather-story/

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