I Never Thought to Cut a Watermelon Like This. This Is so Smart (Video)

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No one really spends time thinking about how to slice the watermelon, so we simply do it as we were taught to.

We slice it, grab a slice, and another one, and that is pretty much all.

However, apparently, there is a technique which can make it much easier. First of all, think about all the fruit which remains on the rind while slicing the watermelon and the mess it all creates in the kitchen.

To get started, cut your watermelon. Make a small slice through the rind all the way around the center. Eventually, it will simply snap in half.

Then flip the watermelon so the fruit is on its end. Then take the peel off. Don’t worry about the extra white bits because you can go back and slice them off later.

Cut off the top and then clean off the white rind.

Now cut it with simple slices. Turn your cutting board 90-degrees and cut again in the opposite direction.

Get a bowl that can conveniently fit the top of your watermelon.
Get hold of your chopping board and then flip it over.
What you have will be a bowl full of perfectly chopped up watermelon.
This method is truly simple, neat, convenient and hygienic. Try it out today and enjoy your watermelons as you do!

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