I Placed This In The House Corners And Next Day All Cockroaches Were Long Gone

The worst thing that can happen to your house is a cockroach infestation. They spread illnesses and are not a pleasant sight for the eyes. But unfortunately they can even happen to the best of us.

Cockroaches in the home is nasty. These nasty insects like crawling around at night because they hide in dark places.

People eliminate them using numerous items and products from the companies, but they can be expensive and high in chemicals. Don’t endanger your health and the health of your family.

Here you will see the best mix prepared with items in the house already.

This is cheap and safe and health friendly for humans and pets.

For this you need onion and 1 tsp baking soda.


Chop the onion, add the soda and put this in every corner of the home. Pay more attention to the bathroom and kitchen.

They will die off and this mix will eliminate them altogether.

These bugs live in nasty places and dirty corners, drains, dumpsters and they have bad bacteria with them.

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