If you feel anxious, depressed or nervous, try this amazing ancient technique

This technique relieves your body from stress, anxiety, sadness and nervousness using your fingers. It is believed that each finger is connected to an organ. For example, the ring finger is believed to be connected to the heart and that’s why the ring is put there to symbolize love.

Each finger has an emotional connection and this is how:

  • The thumb finger is related to worry
  • The index finger is related fear
  • The middle finger is related to anger
  • The ring finger is related to sadness
  • The pinky is related to low self-esteem

The Japanese believe that a lot of energy runs through our body and if directed in the right way it can help in relaxing the body. So, why not try out this technique to comfort your body?

Try this Technique in the following simple steps

1. Your fingers are associated with your emotions.  In other words, if you know the emotion you are experiencing, and the finger that it is correlated with, you can focus on that finger. If you do not know which finger is which, you can run through your fingers in a simultaneous manner.

2. Firmly hold your finger(s) for a few minutes perhaps 2 to 5 minutes.

3. Slowly breath in and out until you relax.

4. When you feel a pulse of energy in the finger you are holding, move to another one depending on the emotion you are experiencing.

The best part? You can do it anywhere and at anytime!