IKEA Is Selling an Entire Kitchen for $112

IKEA is home to some pretty magical household items and inventions.

With a theme of “Goodbye expectations. Hello you!,” the products in this year’s catalog were designed around the idea of breaking free from traditional decor expectations. This concept is shown most prominently in the kitchen section of the catalog, specifically through the SUNNERSTA Mini-Kitchen and Cart.

ikea mini-kitchen, sunnersta

The mini-kitchen was designed for those times when “installing a large kitchen isn’t necessary, or too expensive and time-consuming,” and is perfect for a kitchen office or for those living in a small space (like a teeny tiny studio apartment in Brooklyn, for example). Designer Henrik Preutz hopes to “encourage a creative and playful feeling about cooking” and “create an open and welcoming kitchen,” regardless of the size of the space you’re working with.

ikea mini-kitchen cart, sunnersta

You definitely shouldn’t underestimate the SUNNERSTA kitchen because of it’s size. It has a single cooktop that can be removed to supply more countertop space for washing or preparing food, there’s space available under the countertop for a mini fridge, and the main sink is included in the set. If that’s still not enough space for you, the matching bar cart provides three shelves with extra room for storage.

Although some people on the Internet find the kitchen to be as adorable as we do, others didn’t think as highly of it because of its impracticality (they still liked the cart, though). So, what do you think? Would you put the SUNNERSTA Mini-Kitchen in your home?

From: Delish

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