Increase Red Blood Cells and Blood Count Using this Homemade Syrup


Red blood cells play a vital role in the body. They help transport oxygen-rich blood into the cells and help remove carbon dioxide from the body. But as time goes by, the red blood cells wear and die.

Even though the bone marrows make red blood cells, you need to eat foods that increase the production of these blood cells.

If your body doesn’t produce enough red blood cells you’ll end up with anemia. Iron deficiency is the most common cause of anemia. But eating iron-rich foods isn’t the only remedy for anemia. Foods rich in vitamin C help increase absorption of iron from foods.

To increase red blood cells you should eat:

Foods rich in iron: Dried raisins, kales, liver, beans, red meat, lentils, dried prunes, beans, and dark green leafy veggies.

Foods rich in folic acid: nuts, dried beans, peas, green leafy veggies, and enriched bread.

Foods rich in vitamin B12: Milk, eggs, red meat, fish, liver, nutritional yeast, and dairy products.

How to make the homemade syrup


1 kg (2.2 lb) beet
One cup of dried apricots
200 grams spinach
200 grams kale
2-3 oranges
½ kg (1.1 lb) cherries

You should chop the kale, spinach, dried apricots, and beets in small pieces, and then place them in a blender. Then, transfer the mixture in a bigger container. Squeeze the oranges and the lemon, and add their juice to the container as well. You can add 2 tablespoons of honey for taste and mix well.

You should pour the remedy into glass jars or bottles with a lid, and keep them in a dark, cool place. The prepared amount is about 6-8 cups of syrup, which is enough for a month.


Take 3 tablespoons of the syrup every morning on an empty stomach, before your breakfast. This will significantly boost the red blood cells and improve the blood count.

Also don’t forget to include lentils, legumes and beans to your daily diet.


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