Jin Shin Jyutsu Finger Method– Rub A Certain Finger For 60 Seconds And See What Will Happen To Your Body

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People in the Far East have practiced healing techniques such as acupuncture, reflexology, and massage therapies for centuries, in order to treat pain, trauma, stress, and various illnesses.

Yet, they became popular in America and Europe in the last decade.

Jin Shin Jyustu is an old oriental system of balancing life energy and bodily functions, and it is believed to treat back and neck pain, PTSD, depression, sciatica, and anxiety.

It involves pressing and/or pulling of every finger on the hand.

The technique is beneficial for both, women and men, and is perfectly safe for children as well. It lasts for only a minute!

Yet, it will also help you eliminate all negative emotions, anxiety, depression, grief, anger, and fear.

The following video will reveal the way this technique is performed. Make sure you pay attention to every finger, as each of them has a different role.

Thumb – it is connected with stomach and spleenwort; skin problems, headaches, stomachaches, and nervousness; anxiety and depression.

Index finger – kidneys and urinary bladder; digestion problems; muscle pain, toothache, and back pain; fear, confusion, and discontent.

Middle finger – bitter, liver, and yolk; headache, migraines, tiredness, circulation problems, and menstrual pain; indetermination and irritability.

The ring finger – large intestines and lungs; digestion problems, skin conditions, respiratory issues, and asthma; pessimism, sadness, and fear.

Pinkie finger – heart and small intestine; sore throat, bone problems, and heart diseases; lack of self-confidence, nervousness, and anxiety.

Rub one of these fingers for 60 seconds minimum for optimal results.

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