Just 15 Minutes A Day Will Relieve Your Sciatic Nerve Pain

Sciatic nerve is the biggest nerve in human bodies. It goes from the spine to the lower back, buttock and ends down the leg side. The sciatica pain is the worst pain you can feel, agonizing and awful. No sitting down and no standing too.The common therapy means special meds and drugs and all experts say workouts are beneficial here, stretching being one of them.

Experts found that people with moderate or serious back pain who switched care (pain meds) and yoga, had less pain compared to people that only took meds.

 Yoga workouts that reduce sciatica pain:

  1. Dandasana- staff pose – basic one, and start pose. Sciatica is often due to bad blood flow and pressure piles up. So, to make better blood flow, do this. This pose can soothe you, improve blood flow, release the nerve, flex the lower back and relax the leg. Sit on a mat, stretch the legs in front, touch floor with both palms. When you flex, flex the feet forward. Pull back up, stretch the spine. Hold this for 15-30 sec. and breathe deep. Then relax and repeat 5-10 more times.
  2. Supported bridge – setu bandhasana this one also targets the big buttock. Lye down, bend knees and hold feet on the ground. Keep arms at sides and palms are downward, heels close to butt. Put pressure on the ground with feet, with the palms make support, inhale and raise hips off the floor. Push the tailbone up to the pubic bone. Knees are away from each other, lower back is stretched, head, neck and shoulders are on the ground. Hold for 10-15 sec. and breathe out. Do 5-10 reps.
  3. Locust- shalabhasana – this one makes better blood flow in lower hips and makes lower back stronger. Lie on the mat, face is down, arms behind, palms outwards. Toes are touching each other, looking down, heels are apart. With the chin touch the ground, extend the neck down the pubic bone. Inhale and raise chest, legs and arms. Neck is straight, shoulders are close together, knees are off the ground. Breathe out and hold for 5-8 sec. back is stretched. Breathe in and spread apart the legs. Breathe out and legs are in again. Do 5 reps. To change this pose, body is back to the floor, hands are folded under forehead, face is down, and rest for 60 sec. do 5-10 reps.
  4. Spinal twist pose – ardha matsyendrasana – also good for blood flow and reducing tension in the back. Sit on the mat, hands are by sides, legs stretched. Bend the knee in the right leg, place it outward the left thigh and right toe is near the left hand. With right hand go behind the back, push upper body to the right side, inhale. Hold 30-60 seconds and switch legs.
  5. Pigeon pose – kapotasana – sometimes pressure presses the tendons behind the sciatica and this makes the pain. Raise the body, support on palms and knees. Push right knee forward, behind the right wrist, right foot is in front of left wrist. The chin is kept at 45 degree angle. Stretch forward and slide the left leg back. Keep this for 5 seconds, breathe in, stretch hands forward, forehead is on the ground as if you sleep. Inhale, hold for 15-30 seconds. Push left thigh to the floor, push belly for more balance. Raise the head up, pull hands back, tuck left toes, pull right leg back. Switch legs and do 5-10 reps.

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