K9 Dux doesn’t let bullet wound stop him

  K9 Dux leaps over each hurdle of the obstacle course with ease. Looking at the German Shepherd during this training exercise, it is hard to believe less than eight months ago he was recovering from emergency surgery.
They are still signs of that day, October 2, 2016. Investigators say Joseph Conway fled a traffic stop and shot Dux during a pursuit.Image result for Spotsylvania K9 Dux doesn’t let bullet wound stop him

“Your training just kinda takes over,” says Kelley about the incident. “He just came right  back to me.”

Dux recovered so quickly that he was back on the job by Thanksgiving with his partner in fighting crime.

“He works really hard, and it’s what he loves to do,” says Kelley. “To me, he’s the best dog we have.”

In his 18 months serving , Dux has developed quite the track record. Kelley says he sniffed out four pounds of marijuana during a bust in early 2016. He has also helped to find some missing people.

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