Keep Pressing This Point For 2 Minutes! Then See What Will Happen To Your Body

The Chinese culture and medicine believe that our feet are full of different important locations, points, which are linked to various parts and organs of our body. Therefore, the stimulation and massage of these points may bring relief and improvement of the health condition.

One of these essential points is Tai Chong (LV3), which is located on your foot, between the big toe and the second toe, about two finger widths above the place where the skin of your big toe and the next toe joint.

By just rubbing this spot, headaches, tension, anger, treatment back, lower blood pressure, insomnia and anxiety conditions can be relieved and also it can enhance and regrow your liver and its function. Sometimes even, with promoting it you can enhance food digestion,eye issues and soothe irritation.

There are several research studies done so, the researchers declared that this stimulation can show itself as extremely efficient in managing the post- stroke depression and lowering the high blood pressure plus the plasma endothelin- 1 levels.

For enhancing your condition if you obviously have these concerns of discomfort you have to start massaging the point and find out ways to do that. For start you have to slide your finger together with the space between the very first and 2nd toe to the tip of the joint.

In fact, it lies in the space where your finger is touching the bone. This action of pressing with your fingers and massaging it for 2-3 seconds, pause for 5 seconds and repeat need to last about 2 minutes. While you are pressuring the spot ensure you clockwise your movements.

Also, you need to note that you should not use it when you feel weak or low on energy.


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