Kicking The Diet Soda Habit: Alternatives To Chemicals In A Can

By now, just about everyone in the soda or pop drinking public has heard the warnings: diet soda is really bad for the human body. The reasons why range from neurological confusion as the body is not getting any calories with artificial sweeteners to the sodium in most fizzy drinks to the artificial sweeteners themselves.

Really, all soda drinkers should read up on aspartame poisoning before opening yet another can of chemicals. 

So many people who are addicted to diet soda just cannot seem to kick the habit. The caffeine, the fizz, the taste…something always is missed.

For those who cannot stomach the thought of just switching to plain, bottled still waters, there are options.

If it’s the fizz that draws the drinker, try sparkling water. There are several fairly inexpensive brands on the market, many of which come in a variety of flavors. Most are zero to low calorie, have no sodium, no chemicals, and all the fizz that is missing.

The jolt of caffeine draws many a diet soda drinker. The bitterness of unsweetened coffee drove many a soda drinker away from that alternative, but tea, on the other hand, is closer to diet soda in taste. Many brands have teas mixed with fruit for different tastes, and, of course, mint is always an option. Tea can be taken hot or cold, and, if one really misses the sweetness, a little sugar and honey can always be added.

Kicking the diet soda habit does not need to be difficult, and it can be accomplished with a substitution beverage. It may just take some experimenting to find the right option for the individual doing the habit kicking.

In the meantime, know that by leaving diet soda behind, the body will shed any extra water that it’s holding due to all the sodium in the drinks themselves. That alone may be worth going through the process.

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