The Difference Between Organic And Regular Apples

The Organic Apples Or Regular Apples?- Which Ones Are Healthier? – Find Out The Truth Here

In this article we will reveal you the truth about apples and we will recommend you which apples you should buy from now on!

Fresh Apples Are Always The Best Option

Apples are considered the healthiest fruits ever and their regular consumption is strongly recommended rather than consuming junk food. It doesn’t make a difference whether the apple is organic or not because fresh apples are undoubtedly better option than processed foods.
Apples can provide your body with the nutrients it needs thanks to their rich vitamin and fiber content.

Fresh Apples with Less Pesticide

According to recent studies, apples are most commonly contaminated with pesticide. The organic foods are more expensive compared to their regular counterparts.
So, we cannot recommend you to buy organic food all the time, but you should take into account that there some foods must be consumed organic.
The Environmental Working Group claims that there are fruits and vegetables that are highly contaminated by pesticides, including tomato, celery and leafy greens.

How do pesticides affect apples in orchards?

The reason why apple farmers spray pesticides on trees during the growing process is to guarantee a good harvest.
The pesticides used to nurture the growth process and linger on the apple skin and after some time are absorbed. The high amount of pesticide seeps easily inside the fruit.

Top reasons why you should choose organic apples

1. Pesticides are extremely dangerous to our health. Pesticides are used to control pest growth or remove the incidence of pest invasion that may harm apple fruits.
According to the Environmental Working Group and other government-based groups, pesticides can affect brain function.
Namely, they can lead to serious health problems, including hormone imbalances, cancer, skin and respiratory irritation, brain and nervous toxicity, and ADHD.

2. Pesticides can be detrimental to the health of apple growers. Apple trees that were sprayed with pesticide produce contaminated fruits.
A study revealed that many migrant farm growers in California suffer from pesticide-related illnesses due to the constant exposure to chemicals in pesticides, such as carbamates, inorganic compounds, organophosphates, and pyrethroids.
Apple farm growers are required to find alternative forms of pest controls.

3. Organic apples taste better! This applies to all fruits and vegetables. The taste and overall quality of apples are determined by the timing when the apple is harvested and the method by which apples are grown.
There is a great difference between apples grown with pesticides and other harmful pesticides and organic apples.

4. In general, fruits are expensive whether there are in season or otherwise. But this doesn’t apply to apples. You can find them at affordable and cheap prices throughout the fall and winter season.

5. Apples are abundant in beneficial nutrients and are one of the healthiest snacks that you can have. Apples are low in sugar and are high in fiber.
For example, green apples are rich in dietary fibers and have low sugar content. In other words, apples can make you feel fuller.

6. If you like better sumptuous, low calorie meals, try to add apples in healthy meals, such as sandwiches, fruit salads, and muffins.

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