The Difference Between Passion And Emotion — This Is The Key To Advancement

There is a strong correlation between emotion and passion, but people often considered the same, but there is a significant difference between the two as one can lead to success while the other to frustration.

What is Emotion?

Emotion is a natural instinctive state of mind arising from one’s circumstances, mood, or relationship with others. Emotion is a disturbance, excitement, feeling usually directed toward a special object and accompanied by philosophical and behavioral changes in the body.

What is Passion?

Passion is an intensive feeling barely controllable. Passion is defined as a strong feeling or desire for a devotion to some activity, object, or concept.

The biggest difference between emotion and passion is that emotion is a mental reaction and passion is the action that occurs as a result of strong emotion.

Emotions is… = To Feel…
Passion is… = To Believe…

Emotions (from the French word “emouvoir” which means, “to stir up”) have a influential effect on human behavior. They can be reviewed from physical and psychological aspects. There are several levels of emotion because of the” trio” Thought-Feeling, Feeling-Action is not related to emotions.

Many people “give and take“emotions and feelings, and they often claim that emotions are driven by the feelings. Certain situations, perceptions and experience can have significant influence of the emotions. In other words, emotions are part of our life, and having this in mind it bears the question: “Are we on the right track”?

It is easy to answer this question if we put aside the mental ability of thinking, perception, memory and reason. They are powerful “forces“that have an effect on our actions, and thinking how to react in different situations. For this reason, many psychologists and philosophers have been trying to find definition of emotions and everything that is related to them.

There are two basic emotions: LOVE AND FEAR. We all have encounter whit these emotions. Every other emotion is variety of these two. Our thoughts and experiences derive from love or fear. Feelings like anger, sadness, pain, shame, guilt, depression come from the emotion“fear“. Feelings like joy, happiness, fulfillment, trust, care, satisfaction come from the emotion “love“.

All these emotions have different intensity degree. Some are mild, while other are moderate or strong. One cannot control the emotions nor to change; but can learn how to live in peace by balancing these two. As we already said, emotions are part of our lives and we must learn how to Reach them, Live with them, Release them.
Passion (from the Latin verb “pati” which means, “to suffer”) are very powerful feelings towards person or thing. It is an intensive feeling, desire, activity, enthusiasm, reason, love, excitement and love affinity for a particular person. Passion is often used as a term to define the context of romance or s*xual desire.

However, it is an extremely deep feeling. Passion can also be described like an obsession for something or someone. Passion provides a high level of psychological welfare. It gives you with energy and strength to strive for enjoyment, satisfaction and motivation.

Passion is what makes you try hard to complete your full potential. It goes beyond all real or imagined obstacles; Passionate people have greater self-confidence and have the courage to express their thoughts, beliefs, attitudes and feelings of love.

Passionate people are open-minded and aren’t afraid of living their dreams and seek what they want.

So, what more can I say? PASSION IS POWER!

We know that – Emotions require Passion; And Passion require Emotion. However, how make a difference between these two strong” ways of behaving”? There is one” simple” answer: Both feelings are an extreme “philosophy”!


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