Lime Juice Is Legit Burning People’s Skin and the Photos Are Terrifying

Unfortunately for your gag reflex, BuzzFeed draws our attention to a very screwed-up thing that can happen when you mix lime juice with UV rays. You know, like now you do every weekend with limeade and sunshine? Yep, that’s the delicious/dangerous combo that’s causing something called phytophotodermatitis.

Phytophotodermatitis, is what’s what happens when UV light hits skin that’s come into contact with the oil or dander of certain plants, vegetables, or fruit. The most common is lime but other citrus fruits, celery, wild parsnip, wild dill, wild parsley, and some wildflowers are also culprits.

The only way to prevent it is by thoroughly washing any area that’s been touched by the offending flora. It might sound paranoid, but do you want a chemical burn? Because that’s what this is: a legit chemical burn. Don’t believe me? Check out the cringe-inducing pictures below and then pass me an entire brick of antibacterial soap.

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