List of Foods That Contain More Calcium Than Milk

foods with more calcium than milk

When it comes to calcium, the first thing you will think of is milk, isn’t it? However, many people can’t tolerate milk so do they have to give up dairy? Definitely not! There is a list of foods that contain calcium more than milk.

List of Foods That Contain Calcium:

1. Collard Greens

Not only collard greens are high in calcium, but these vegetables offer impressive amounts of phenols. These phenolic compounds successfully fight heart diseases and cancer. They are best served steamed or stir-fried.


2. Cheese

Depending on the type, cheese contains a variable amount of calcium. One particular type that abounds with calcium is cheddar. Other types contain around 500-1000mg of calcium per 100 g serving.

3. Organic Yogurt

Although a dairy product, yogurt contains more calcium than processed milk. This is one of the best forms of calcium from all dairy products because of the abundance in probiotics and the naturally fermented process.

4. Kale

This impressive vegetable can be consumed in numerous ways. You can add it to smoothies, salads or even eat like chips. It is rich in vitamin K and calcium. Its powerful antioxidant properties protect from colon and prostate cancers.

5. Spinach

Spinach is a powerhouse of calcium and many other important nutrients. Due to the high nitrate content, spinach improves the cardiovascular system and arterial stiffness thus lowering high blood pressure.

6. Sesame Seeds

Sesame seeds are packed with high amounts of calcium. Along with calcium, they contain impressive amounts of dietary fibers and good fats.

7. Tofu

This low-calorie food is high in protein content. Also, it is loaded with iron and depending on the manufacturing process it can have more magnesium or calcium.

So, if you want to boost your calcium content, you do not need to rely only on milk. This list of foods that contain calcium will help you to choose the best source of it.

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