Little Salt in Coffee? See this Trick, then Decide

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The next time you order your morning coffee, why not ask for some milk, sugar and a pinch of salt to go with it?

Experts claim that adding sodium chloride to your drink will not only make it taste better but also help to take the bitter edge off of a particularly strong brew.

Adding a small amount of salt in the coffee certainly sounds unusual, but this trick really works.

A morning cup of coffee gives us strength for new challenges and responsibilities that lie ahead, especially if it comes to taste and quality coffee.

And it may seem simple, but a perfect cup of coffee is really rare. So, for example, if you are using the wrong water temperature, the coffee will seem very old, and if the coffee was standing too long, it will be bitter.

However, with just one simple trick you can solve all problems – just add a pinch of salt!

The theory behind adding salt to your coffee is actually scientific and, really, it makes a great deal of sense. Common salt, or sodium chloride, is often used as a flavoring agent in cuisine. Why is this, exactly? Well, research shows that sodium chloride liberates sodium ions when mixed in an aqueous solution. This, in turn, suppresses bitterness and — voila! — flavor is enhanced.

Take a look and some useful tips that will make each next cup of coffee a pleasure for all your senses.

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