Mastering The VEGGETTI Lesson One: How To Make ZUCCHINI NOODLES


Okay.  I admit it.  My introduction to Veggetti cut zucchini noodles was via my LEAST favorite sister-in-law. I was pre-disposed to HATE them.  But – and this is a big but – one taste, and I was hooked.  Crunchy, salty, with a touch of olive oil.  They were SO GOOD.  With my brother and his wife departing to their next stop on a family tour of the country without getting the particulars of how my SIL did it, all that was left was to learn to make the darn things myself.

Easier said than done

Little did I know that the vegetables cut with the hand held, as seen on TV, Veggetti were so tempermental.  After acquiring one of the little spiral shredders for the house (you can get them at Walmart, Amazon or any number of other retailers), this writer set out to make the equivalent of my sister-in-law’s zucchini noodles.  Boiling them made the noodles mushy.  Sauteing burned them to the pan.  Roasting…didn’t go there.  After a whole lot of trial and error – and tossing the insert from the packaging in the trash since the instructions were way too vague – this is the way I now make a really tasty dish:

  1. Wash the zucchini
  2. Cut off both ends
  3. Get out a glass, shallow baking dish (a shallow pie plate works perfectly)
  4. Using the LARGE NOODLE side of the Veggetti, put the zucchini in, and start to twist, making the zucchini spiral out where the grating blades are into the glass dish
  5. After 6-7 twists, break off the noodles and start twisting again (repeat as often as necessary)
  6. Keep going until the vegetable being spiraled is about an inch from the edge of the main grating instrument
  7. Take the end piece with the spikes on it that comes with the Veggetti, attach to the remainder of the vegetable, and keep twisting until the end piece is flush with the main grater
  8. Break off the noodles, and look into the other end of the Veggetti for a spiral cut core and toss it into the baking dish with the noodles
  9. Toss the noodles with cold-pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil, just enough to cover the noodles
  10. BAKE in an oven at 350 degrees for 15 MINUTES, 20 if the oven is opened frequently.  They are done when they are hot, but still crunchy
  11. After removing the dish from the oven, salt the noodles with Kosher or Sea Salt with NO additives such as iodine or potassium.

The important part here is to salt the veggie AFTER it is cooked, otherwise you get mush.

This process is much easier, and faster than it sounds and makes a hot, crunchy, tasty, vegetable for just about any occasion.  I and my family eat zucchini noodles like this or with a sauce (like spaghetti sauce) quite often.  In the coming weeks I will be branching out to other squash, potatoes and carrots.  Stay tuned for more ways to use spiral cut veggies.

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