Milk Might Not Be Good For You: Harvard Scientist Claims Sweeteners Added To Cartons Cancel Out Health Benefits


Milk doesn’t always do your body good, and can actually be harmful, according to a prominent doctor.

The age-old adage that drinking milk is one of the keys to good health received a strong rebuttal from Harvard pediatrician David Ludwig. In a paper published, Ludwig argued that dairy products with added sweeteners are a detriment to one’s health and that drinking less milk isn’t necessarily a bad idea, provided you eat certain foods.
‘Americans are consuming billions of gallons of milk a year, presumably under the assumption that their bones would crumble without them,’ Ludwig wrote in an article published in the medical journal JAMA Pediatrics.
US government recommendations of three glasses of milk a day are what Ludwig is crusading against, especially low-fat chocolate milk.

‘The worst possible situation is reduced-fat chocolate milk: you take out the fat, it’s less tasty,’ Ludwig wrote in the article. “’So to get kids to drink 3 cups a day, you get this sugar-sweetened beverage.’
On cup of the school lunch staple has 158 calories, of which 64 come from solid fats and added sugars, according to the United States Department of Agriculture. A cup of unsweetened, low-fat 1 per cent milk has only 102 calories, of which 18 come from solid fats.
Though many Americans drink reduced (2 per cent) or low-fat milk, many are under the false impression that drinking sweetened milk or yogurt is a way to avoid saturated fat and have a better tasting product. They are misguided, and actually doing more bad than good, according to Ludwig.


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