Mom Uses Coffee Pots in Ways I Never Expected. Here Are 5 Surprising Ideas

Did you know that your coffee pot is actually two appliances in one. You can actually use your coffee pot or Keurig to cook and make lots of things that don’t involve coffee.
It makes you wonder how people figured out that you could do all these different things with coffee pots. Anyhow, they did and we’re glad for it.

And you will be too after you check out these 5 things you can do with a coffee pot that doesn’t involve making coffee.

1. Cook Vegetables

Heat up water in your coffee pot and toss in some veggies until they are tender.


2.Make Oatmeal

Run your Keurig without the pod to get hot water for your oatmeal.


3.Hard or Soft Boiled Eggs

Your coffee maker can be everything you need to make your breakfast complete.


4.Fry an Egg

Or you can use your coffee machine’s burner to fry an egg with a mini frying pan.


5.Homemade Hot Chocolate

Fill your carafe halfway with heavy cream then pour in a whole bag of chocolate chips. Brew two cups of water in your machine and stir the mixture occasionally.



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